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Best Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach

myrtle-beach-golf-resorts_596x334Myrtle Beach is the jewel of the East Coast’s “Grand Strand,” a 60-mile arc of beaches, boardwalks, the home-grown “shag dance” and golf. A lot of golf.  The only question is: Where to play first? Lowcountry salt marshes? Budget-friendly fairways? Magnolia-strewn plantations? Myrtle Beach has them all, and often with discounted, multi-course packages. Here are a few of our favorite places to hit the green in Myrtle Beach.

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A Tuesday High-Five

wadeDue to Sunday’s Mother’s Day festivities (actually my weekly Once Upon a Time/Game of Thrones/Nurse Jackie/Veep wine-and-wings-fest), this report is a tad late. But my sloth is actually good because the Monday sports stars aligned so perfectly. Let me explain in a new little ditty I’ll be trying from time to time: “High Five”—five quick sports news bits to take into the new week. The Ladies Room – read on!

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5 Reasons to Watch the Women’s Final Four (No, Really. These Babes Ball Hard.)

5 Reasons to Watch the Women's Final Four (No, Really. These Babes Ball Hard.).

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Put Down the “Big-Un’s,” Al Bundy! (or, Why It’s an Awesome Chicago Sports Week)

Put Down the "Big-Un's," Al Bundy! (or, Why It's an Awesome Chicago Sports Week).

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Best Romantic Sports Movies

missiOh, men. It’s hard not to pity them pretty much every day of the year.

But February 14 is especially tough for the fellas. Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate mutual love, but we know it’s really all about the estrogen. So suddenly the pressure’s on for kiwi bouquets and “chocolate” (translation: brown. Brown?) diamonds, when we’d just love it if they shaved.

But guys need love too, so why not give him a movie night featuring a sports flick with a romantic twist for you? Here, based on my highly scientific poll of Facebook friends and my local bar, are my top 5 selections for Best Romantic Sports Movies, plus a few honorable mentions…

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