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Well at Least Brett Favre’s Junk Isn’t Involved …

40 cheerleaders x $1250 owed each? $50,000. Oakland Raiders’ worth in 2013? $825 million.

40 cheerleaders x $1250 owed each? $50,000. Oakland Raiders’ worth in 2013? $825 million.

The “Raiderettes”—the Oakland Raiders Cheerleaders—are suing the organization.

(Go ahead and giggle, guys. And may you someday have cheerleader daughters.)

And the suit actually, for once, has nothing to do with sexual harassment. So that’s a step in the right direction. Instead, current and former cheerleaders are suing for wage theft and other unfair employment practices, including not paying the women for time worked, and not compensating them for their business expenses.

(And if you DO have a cheerleader, or dance, or pom, or pageant daughter, you know just how much that top shelf hairspray can be.)

This is a huge step back for the squad, which includes a lawyer, several business owners, a software sales executive, and a Ph.D. candidate in biochemical engineering. The suit alleges that the women’s pay is withheld until the end of the season, if they are paid at all, and if they are, it is $1,250—TOTAL—an average of $5 an hour if you count rehearsals, hair and makeup time, travel, photo shoots and performing—and that’s not counting appearing at events for which they are not compensated.

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