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Holiday Pet Travel Guide,

Holiday Pet Travel Guide,

With so many regulations, fees and safety hazards, it’s “ruff” keeping track of pet travel policies these days, especially during the busy holidays. Your poodle can fly as Delta cargo — but not your bulldog. Cats can ride New York subways, but not Amtrak. A hotel might allow your pet — but only in a smoking room. Still, preparation and patience will help in your pet’s safe passage. Whether you’re traveling by air or car, or need a hotel for you and your furry friend, we’ve got tips for a safe and easy trip:

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Holiday Pet Travel Awesomeness

Holiday Pet Travel Awesomeness

My newest Travel Channel photo slideshow: Holiday Pet Travel Gear! Two paws up!!!

TSA regulations. Pit stops. Drool … and that’s just traveling with kids. But your pet needs the same special attention. Here are products to keep your pet safe and comfortable this holiday season.

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